CIM Distance Education Program - Overview



The Canadian Institute of Management offers unique options in distant education to allow busy managers the opportunity to successfully complete courses and ultimately gain professional designation. Regardless of where you live or work in Canada, you have the opportunity to earn the highly respected C.I.M. designation through a program of distance learning. CIM offers the solution of earning designation through an independent study program for CIM members who lives outside a participating university/college centre or are unable to attend scheduled classes due to unusual work hours.

A Rich and Diversified Possibility of Challenging Course Material
Students will be awarded a 'Certificate in Management and Administration' upon completion of eight study courses (8 credits) as specified by the Institute, with a minimum grade of 60% in each course. Candidates will be eligible to apply for the C.I.M. (Certified in Management) designation once they have acquired two (2) years of management/administration experience. In order to be granted the designation, candidates will be required to submit an application, along with two letters of reference and a current resume within six (6) years of completing the prescribed studies.

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