C.Mgr. - Chartered Manager Competency Framework



  1. Completed C.Mgr. Application Form
  2. Three (3) professional reference letters that will validate your experience and attest to your application of management theory and practice at a professional level
  3. Detailed Curriculum Vitae outlining all academic and management experience as required above
  4. Official transcripts send directly from the education institution(s) to the CIM Head Office
  5. Complete the Management Aptitude Evaluation
  6. Sign and adhere to the CIM Code of Ethics and return with C.Mgr. Application Form
  7. Applicants are required to maintain current membership in good standing with the Institute, abide by the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and commit to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  8. All applicable fees

Equivalent Degrees from institutions outside of Canada can be assessed by referring to the following
website for Educational Credential Assessment:


Formal evaluation by one of the approved assessors are to be submitted along with the application for Chartered Manager.

At its discretion, the C.Mgr. review committee may request additional information, an interview, or request that the applicant complete a comprehensive examination to validate their qualifications and/or experience. 

The Chartered Manager Competency Framework, First Edition 2016, is available for viewing, downloading and printing in PDF format.
It outlines to all stakeholders the competencies required to achieve this leading designation in management and leadership. It forms the cornerstone in the development of a true management profession that is equally rigorous and inclusive, and provides academic institutions with the benchmark for the development of effective academic programs that will lead to this professional designation.
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