CIM Membership: International Credentials



Education Committee Policy and Procedure for International Credentials

Applicants applying for the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) designations and certification must have their international educational credentials assessed by a Canadian Credential Assessment service that abides by the Quality Assurance Framework of the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC).

Individuals inquiring about CIM certification or applying for CIM certification are to be referred to provincially mandated services using the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials - Please see:

To maintain the high Canadian standard across Canada, CIM requires applicants with foreign credentials to first have them assessed by a provincially mandated International Qualifications Assessment Service.
The service will advise the individual applicant of language translation requirements for educational transcripts and supporting documents.

The individual will pay the required fees to the assessment service for international credential assessment.

Once the individual receives the assessment of educational equivalency, they should forward it with their CIM application. CIM will process the application based on the Canadian equivalency. The applicant will be asked to include the names, position, and contact information for two references to verify employment history.

CIM will review the Canadian equivalency assessment as part of the documentation required for the C.I.M, and C.Mgr. application.

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