Organization Overview: Employee Programs



The Canadian Institute of Management offers a wide range of opportunities for organizations and their employees to benefit from the activities and services offered by the Institute.

Official Employee Designation Program - CIM offers educational programs for employees of corporate sponsors in all areas of professional management. An education program can be tailored for your employee's needs to improve their skills in a variety of management disciplines to improve productivity, growth and skills for the betterment of the organization.

In-house Education Program - CIM offers support for customized training courses that are conducted on-site in the company work environment. Educational courses take advantage of the company's unique workplace environment and the managerial needs of individual organization, thereby reduces absences from the office for training programs.

Employee Education Programs with Colleges and Universities - take advantage of the multitude of affiliations with Canada's foremost colleges and universities across Canada by enrolling employees in educational courses to improve management skills.

Employee Recognition Programs - CIM offers a variety of employee recognition programs designed to acknowledge achievement within the organization. Employee Recognition Programs can be customized to the needs of the company to create awards for every management discipline.

For further information about Corporate sponsorship and the benefits and services offered to organizations and employees, contact your local CIM Branch or the National Office.