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What happens at the head office level when a member moves/relocates to another province? Are introductions made once head office is informed of a change of address? Are membership fees promptly directed to the closest chapter in the province of residence? Or does the chapter make the request once head office notifies them they have a new member resident in their area?

What happens? Does anyone know? This is a forum topic from a long time member now residing in British Columbia.

Jennifer Tracy (not verified)
When a member informs

When a member informs National Office of a change of address that results in a transfer to a new branch, a Notice of Transfer is prepared and sent to the branch that that member was formerly affiliated with, and to the new branch they will be transferred to. The transfer is sent to the Branch Presidents (and their admin, if applicable). It is up to the Branch to establish contact with their new member.

If the member has already paid their annual dues for that fiscal year, the original branch retains all of those dues. If they request the transfer before dues are paid, they will be assessed at the new branch rate and they will submit fees applicable to the new branch.

Procedure M-110(04) details the protocol for Member Transfer Between Branches.