Branch involvement

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Any suggestions for encouraging members out to events put on by Branches?  We're really having some challenges.

Jacqueline Adkins (not verified)

If you hold events on a monthly basis perhaps offering the opportunity to enter a draw for a desirable prize each time they actually attend an event...with the drawing of the prize occurring six months out (4 events each month x 6 months = 24 entries) or end of year (hopefully you get the gist of my thoughts). You could get a business or businesses to sponsor the prize in return for advertising on your event notices, internet event promotion, newsletter, etc.

At the six month mark or whatever you decide, make it a big deal, everyone must attend to win. Name drawn at end of event! Invite your business sponsors.

Some Chapters link up with other groups to increase attendance and value of event.

Just thinking out loud. Cheers from Kelowna.