Manitoba - Overview



CIM's Manitoba Chapter is currently our largest Chapter. It has always been active and a driving force behind National initiatives, and has provided both National Presidents and Directors. Manitoba is equally strong in both education and program events, to provide members with a full range of options to maximize their CIM membership experience.

Manitoba is affiliated with one educational institution:

  • University of Manitoba

Manitoba is pleased to welcome members in the following categories:

2015/2016 Fees


Category Fee GST Total Due
C.Mgr. (F) $240.00 $12.00 $252.00
P.Mgr. (P) $235.00 $11.75 $246.75
C.I.M. (C) $210.00 $10.50 $220.50
Member (M) $210.00 $10.50 $220.50
Campus (A) N/A    
Student (S) $210.00 $10.50 $220.50
Retired $83.50 $4.18 $87.68
TAX (GST) Before GST/HST 5%  


Manitoba Chapter
Unit B2 - 1150 Waverley Street, 
Winnipeg, MB R3T 0P4