Ottawa Valley - Overview


The Ottawa Valley Chapter of The Canadian Institute of Management, draws its Members from Eastern Ontario.  Members include: national industry; local business; law enforcement; social service organizations; educational institutions; government; self-employer and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Regular 'Professional Development Meetings' provide CIM Members with the opportunity to: network; maintain and enhance their personal and professional skill development, that will enable individuals to provide leadership ability and excellence in management that is the hallmark of CIM. 

The Membership and Board of Directors of The Ottawa Valley Chapter have helped maintain and enhance the reputation of The Canadian Institute of Management by contributing to the success of Regional and National Conferences.

Ottawa Valley Chapter is excited to announce the “Framework For The Recognition Of Certified Engineering And Applied Science Technicians And Technologists: Certificate in Supervisory Management”.

Professional Association Partnerships

Ottawa Valley is affiliated with one educational institutions:

  • Algonquin College


Ottawa Valley is pleased to welcome members in the following categories:

2015/2016 Fees

Category Fee HST Total Due
C.Mgr. (F)  $225.00  $29.25  $254.25
P.Mgr (P)  $225.00  $29.25  $254.25
C.I.M. (C)  $225.00  $29.25  $254.25
Member (M)  $225.00  $29.25  $254.25
Campus (A)  $110.00  $14.30  $124.30
Student (S)  $156.00  $20.28  $176.28
Retired (R)  $96.00  $12.48  $108.48
Other (specify)  $-    $-    $-  
Corporate Membership  $750.00  $97.50  $847.50
Credit Application Fee  $50.00  $6.50  $56.50
TAX Before GST/HST 13%  



303 - 320 Croydon Ave.
Ottawa, ON K2B 5P3
Tel: 613-596-4923