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London Chapter is, and has been over the years, a strong representative of the Institute in Southwestern Ontario, and a good source of people for CIM. As one of the Institutes larger Chapters, it has been an active member of the community and the local academia through its effective educational partnerships with The University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College. It has been very innovative in bringing CIM to the attention of people who would, otherwise, not have been able to benefit from the Institute and its programs.

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London is pleased to welcome members in the following categories:

2015/2016 Fees


Category Fee HST Total Due
C.Mgr. (F)  $245.00  $31.85  $276.85
P.Mgr (P)  $245.00  $31.85  $276.85
C.I.M. (C)  $230.00  $29.90  $259.90
Member (M)  $230.00  $29.90  $259.90
Campus (A) n/a n/a n/a
Student (S)  $230.00  $29.90  $259.90
Retired (R)  $127.50  $16.58  $144.08
Corporate Membership  $1000.00  $130.00  $1130.00
Credit Application Fee  $78.00  $10.14  $88.14
TAX (Before GST/HST) 13%  


LONDON Chapter
P.O. Box 611, Stn. B
London, ON N6A 4Y4
Tel: 519-681-4168
Fax: 519-668-7866
Email: preferred